About Go2 Socks

Howdy and welcome to Go2! We are glad you stopped by and want to know more about us!

Our team is comprised of people who love to serve others and make them happy. We opened our “doors” in 2015 after seeing a need to add more color to our work days and workouts! We’ve been in your shoes (…socks?) before. We get shin splints while running, experience discomfort from swelling after a long-haul flight or a long day of standing (or sitting, for that matter), or needing an extra boost to help blood flow in our legs. Socks are an essential item, so why not make them work for you? We sure did, and we are never looking back! High quality compression apparel has the power to improve your day to day life in a major way, and you may not even know it yet. Or perhaps you do, and you are just looking to Spice Up Your Socks Life™ — and that is what we are all about! We love to enjoy life and want nothing to hold us or you back!

Our Company

Go2 Socks brings the fun directly to you. We are all about creative products and designs to enhance your life and experiences. Wear them with pride to work, therapy sessions, on a walk, or at your next marathon! Don’t forget to get your running crew a matching set! Need some socks for your sport or work team? Let us know!  We pride ourselves on providing superior customer service, timely delivery and a 100% money back guarantee. We hope you enjoy shopping with us. Feel free to contact us and let us know how we can better serve you.

Our Mission

We want to educate our fans. We want to bring life and color to your daily wardrobe with a piece of clothing that will make your legs and feet feel amazing. Gone are the days of boring compression socks! Our mission is to share the incredible benefits of wearing our compression socks, and make Go2 a household name.

Do you love to travel? Are you training for a marathon? Do you spend your days sitting at your desk or standing on your feet? Are you recovering from a surgery or a workout? Do you run back and forth between patients or job sites? Do your legs swell or ache after doing any of the aforementioned activities?  Have you said yes to ANY one of those? Go2 products are for YOU!

Contact Us

If you have needs for compression socksankle sleevesrunning beltscalf sleeveskiniesiology tape, wholesale purchasing opportunities, or any other questions or comments – please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!


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