How To Put On Compression Socks

Putting on compression socks can be a challenge if you have never tried it before, but don’t worry, we will show you how to put on compression socks in five simple steps.

Compression Level

Compression socks can improve your blood circulation and help with swelling, but depending on why you need them, the compression you require may vary. Some people use compression socks for specific events and others use them as part of their daily life, but everyone has the same question: how do I know which compression level …


Compression Socks Size Chart

Compression Socks Sizes Banner

Find your calf size in the compression socks size chart below to know your size.


Calf Sleeves Size Chart

Calf Sleeve Size Banner

If you are unsure which size you need for Go2 Perform calf sleeves, check our calf sleeves size chart below.


Knee Sleeves Size Chart

Measure around the thigh circumference at 5” above the center of your knee (patella). Then find your size in the knee sleeves size chart below.


Ankle Sleeves Size Chart

Ankle Sleeves Banner

Match your shoe size to our ankle sleeves size chart below to find the perfect fit for you.

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