Purple and Gold Vertical Striped Compression Socks Unisex (VK)


Compression 15-20 mmHg

  • Increases blood circulation for better performance and faster recovery.
  • Blended nylon fabric infused with silver to fight odor, bacteria, and moisture.
  • For women and men, nurses and doctors, athletes and runners – anyone on their feet all day.
  • 100% guarantee.

Size Chart


GO TEAM PURPLE & GOLD! This FAN-favorite will surely get your blood flowing and fist pumping each time your team scores!  Our TEAM Go2 Compression Socks are designed for the SPORTS Fan and SOCK Fan alike!  This versatile line of BOLD colored vertical stripe socks can be worn two ways.  When you put them on, give them a little twist and the stripes swirl up your calf.

Go2 Compression Socks for women and men are 15-20 mmHg graduated stockings that offer you a wide range of benefits. Relieve tired and fatigued legs, reduce swelling on ankles, heels, calves, feet, and legs. Put on a pair to improve blood circulation and help to recovery faster. Go2 Socks are worn by people from different walks of life such as nurses, doctors, athletes, travelers, basketball players, runners, business men, anyone who is on their feet all day or sitting at a desk all day. Go2 Socks provides a relaxing sensation and relief after strenuous exercises, 12-hours work shift and Post-op treatment. Our extra-cushion sole helps avoid the effect of a negative impact on your feet.  Excellent choice for pregnancy and maternity.  Only the best fibers are used with moisture and odor control. ‘Add to Cart’ right-away to get your pair or SAVE 10% by purchasing a 2-Pack.  Marathon runners like to buy 2 different colors or patterns and mix-match their look for fun!