Go2 Testimonials – Ankle Sleeves


Meezka on May 31, 2016

Go2 Five Star Review

These are effective in reducing swelling and pain. I’m 6 months pregnant and could only be on my feet a few hours a day without pain in my heels. I do not have planters, only heel pain. I had to ice, rest and wear cushioned shoes around my house just so I could be on …


TJ Currie on May 3, 2016

Go2 Five Star Review

Plantar fasciits is a new annoyance for me. (Yay me!!!) I wanted to deal with the pain in a way that was easy yet effective.. This sleeve (in conjunction with stretches and heel massages) really alleviate my morning discomfort. (I have not yet found it necessary to chop off my foot with that first step.) …