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Compression therapy, which is a therapy that exerts pressure on the limbs with elastic materials to prevent or treat diseases of the venolymphatic system, has been used for centuries to alleviate leg pains. Warriors in the Neolithic period bandaged their legs after battles, for example. As time went by, different methods of compression therapy were …


Raquel on May 22, 2018

Go2 Five Star Review

I’m a paramedic and I work 24 hour shifts. I have been struggling a lot with swollen legs due to sitting in the ambulance. I had originally looked at a more expensive brand of socks but thought I would try these first. I am very pleased with these socks they are soft, comfortable and work …


KK on April 2, 2018

Go2 Five Star Review

I have been having issues with my ankle swelling. These compression socks make my ankle feel so much better at the end of the day than wearing regular socks or no socks. I highly recommend and will buy these socks again!